いってきま〜す(^ー^)ノ (via SATOKO @tarokichidog | Websta)


いってきま〜す(^ー^)ノ (via SATOKO @tarokichidog | Websta)


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alright, I’ve decided to stop bringing myself down as a result of one little fuck-up

tomorrow is going to be a good day even if I have to make it a good day

my biggest fear is that I’ll be stuck with doing something I’m not passionate about for the rest of my life but the problem is that I’m 22 years old and still can’t figure out what I’m passionate about

I think the only reason I didn’t drop out of college is because without at least a bachelor’s degree I can’t really do much with myself and still feel like I have a purpose or whatever

at the very least these past four years have given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people who are going to go on to do great things to make up for whatever it is I’ll end up doing

vocaroo me pls


send me a number and i’ll answer with a vocaroo

  1. say your name, age and favorite food
  2. sing your all-time favorite song
  3. try to rap
  4. message to one of your biases
  5. read a line from your favorite fanfic/book
  6. say the word _____
  7. say something in another language (besides english)
  8. message to your followers
  9. talk about your day
  10. what would you do if _____
  11. sing a random song
  12. sing your favorite girl-group song
  13. sing your favorite boy-group song
  14. voice impersonation
  15. tell a joke
  16. favorite line from a tv series
  17. favorite line from a movie
  18. read the tags from one of your posts
  19. say a cuss word (or a lot idk up to you)
  20. comment on ____’s blog


Today was pretty alright but I feel like such a mess now


I missed it


I’m shipping a record out tomorrow and I’m hoping it makes it to its destination in good shape

normally I’m very confident in my record packing abilities since I always make sure I have enough supplies to do it but this record in particular is thinner than most because it’s not a regular sleeve (it’s a promotional copy of something) and when I shake the package I can hear it shifting a little bit which concerns me

but I’m sending it anyway and have my fingers crossed I don’t have to send the buyer a refund because something happens during shipping

reading the interview Pitchfork did with FKA twigs has me even more hyped for that album than I was before and I was already pretty hyped about it

she’s such a fascinating person and her music is equally fascinating

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Any pillow can be a dakimakura! All you need is a little ~imagination~